My symptoms translator

63% of travellers reported minor health issues during their trip, be prepared!

Be able to communicate your symptoms anywhere, anytime, in a fast and secure way

Be understood in case of a medical emergency, as well as small everyday health problems

Helpful for travellers, immigrants and any person with communication disabilities

My Symptoms Transator is now a licenced product of LingvoPicto.





  • -Be prepared by having your medical information ready in case of emergency

  • -Navigate through a vast database of symptoms and traumas

  • -Provide information commonly associated with your symptoms

-Get visual support through pictograms to ensure a common language with the health care provider and avoid misinterpretation

  • -Be able to build your list while waiting for the healthcare provider

  • -Translate your information in 22 possible languages

  • -Use the application as a bridge and allow the healthcare provider to communicate his questions through the same process






My Symptoms Translator has been developed to answer the fundamental needs of communication in a medical situation. It has come to our attention that in some communication dynamics, barriers hinder the information exchange between the healthcare professional and his patient. In the majority of medical consultations, a long and complex therapeutic method that acknowledges communication difficulties and works to overcome them can be applied. However, in a state of emergency, the circumstances don’t allow the medical staff to use such complex means. Therefore, when patients don’t speak the same language as the local caregiver, they cannot express what they feel and don’t understand what the practitioner is attempting to communicate to them either. For the information exchange to be done properly, help is sometimes necessary.

More than a simple translator, My Symptoms Translator is a tool that allows the user to communicate efficiently.
The App proposes:

  1. A visual support that allows the user and the healthcare professional to have a common language
  2. A navigation structure that assists the user in his medical information disclosure by presenting him with all the associated information of a chosen symptom; information that he would not have thought to reveal otherwise
  3. An organized layout to highlight related symptoms
  4. A communicational exchange enhancing the accuracy of the resulting evaluation



Behind the app

My symptoms translator uses the visual language Lingvo Picto MC. For more information, visit:
A team of three designers at IDE3S Inc. developed this application. The inspiration for the project came from a simple observation:
“ Seeing my grand-mother feeling bad and preoccupied, I proposed her to go to the ER. Originally from Argentina, she speaks neither French nor English. At the triage, she had a lot of difficulty to answer the questions the nurse asked her. My grandmother could not even express the reason for her presence to the nurse. I had to intervene and ask myself the question: How does anyone that does not have an interpreter with him/her deal with this situation?”

Following this line of reasoning, research has been done, at a master’s degree level, to better understand the communicational dynamics between caregivers and patients. Based on the results of these investigations, an iconographic hybrid code has been developed to ensure a multicultural comprehension and to offer a common language between the two parties. Moreover, with the help of CHU Ste-Justine’s emergency physician, Jocelyn Gravel, a navigation structure based on the Canadian Triage Scale has been developed. Other experts were consulted during the conceptualization: Dr. Tempe and Mrs. Forest of the Clinique Santé-Voyage de Montréal and Mr. Boualem of the Management Science School of UQÀM.





-Will there be other languages?

Contact us for custom implantation and language.

-Why is it so different from standard health apps, why use pictograms?

We put the emphasis on communication, we believe this approach allows for a common language between healthcare providers and their patients, making the app more accessible and reassuring.

-Is there some B2B available?

Contact us for more information about this.

-Are you available for hire?

Yes, we offer conception and counseling services, specializing in health communication design. For more information, visit our website at

-For more support, contact us


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